online transactions security

Avoiding Bank online transaction thefts. Banks should ask customer with some more details. 1. Ask customer to save passcode for each alphabets from a to E each with one number . For eg: for A select 7 as passcode . similarly for A to E five passcodes for each alphabet. 2. For all ATM cards print A to E with equivalent passcode for that card. Now when customer tries to do an online transaction then he will be asked for password and one time password sent to his mobile number. Bank will send one alphabet from a to E with the one time password in sms. Customer has to input the one time password and passcode printed for the alphabet in ATM card and also customers passcode for that alphabet sent in sms which filled by customer on account opening. With one time password send one letter at end from A to E .. User will set his another secure password for each letter from A to E . single digit character. Plus an character printed opposite to that alphabet in ATM card for that alphabet. For each transaction user must be asked for alternate alphabet. By this they can secure some what the online transactions.

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