Avoiding Ration Shop corruption

Avoiding Ration Shop corruption:

Many part of the Ration shop materials are being theft or sold out illegally, we are seeing this daily in news papers. 

To avoid this government can collect phone numbers of the citizens, i mean for each ration card getting the phone number of them. Every month end government can collect the ration materials buyers details(citizens holding ration cards). Government have to create and application which calls citizens automatically and get the feedback of the citizens like customer care number getting the typed numbers that is if citizen press 1 consider it has bought by citizen else 2. 

That application will consolidate the records and feedback based on the ration shop wise. Then if there are more than 5 or 10 citizens who gave option 2 but the shop record says its been bought by that citizen, then there is a mistake and the actual material has not reached the citizen. By knowing the details that shop keeper is stolen the material government can take action on the employee. But the citizens who gave negative options should be kept secret till there is any court case raised by that employee. Those details need to be maintained very secured, because if the employee came to know who made him to get caught he may threaten the citizen.

Sample application i seen some insurance companies giving call and alerting the customers about the expiry and giving option to press 1 or 2 during the call for getting user input on whether they need reminder or not, similar way this can be made.

By this way we can able to reduce ration material theft to some extent i think. We can go for smart card or some other options but this will be cheaper than that i think.

Sanjeevi. S
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