Upgrade bank websites with secure to avoid crime

Suggestion for Bank websites to made secure to avoid crime. Make indian banks standadized to world level.

Need awareness:

1. Nationalised banks websites are not up to the level, and security is less for net banking and debit card payment. My father's account they got one time password and theft amount. After knowing this am unable to take any step, because bank manager is not knowing even that the transaction was made in online, because the transaction statement says ATM I'd like that it's not showing specifically on line transaction. If all nationalised banks join hands and spend in developing a website for online net banking and there security things, it will be in a good shape and more secure. 

2. When the amount theft am not able to complaint in cyber crime. No email response and they are saying first I have to complaint in local police station. How the non technical person will understand the issue about cyber crime. Cyber crime department strength must be increased and more computer knowledged persons must be recruited for police. India is leading in using internet but our police department are not able to understand online transactions meaning tself. 

3. Public awareness about online banking theft. 

4. Many offers from government is not reaching everyone. Because public are not aware about the offer itself. Some government offers like solar panel subsidy is not known to all. To make public aware, government should take advertisement and telecast it in all channels. Government can put one rule to media that atleast 10 seconds of ad time per hour must be given to government ads. And also ask all actors and scene stars to atleast act in one ad per year for governement for free. So that every offer by government will reach all citizens. Thanks.

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